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[Sample Outputs] Floating World Genesis
A.A. Murakami
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Floating World, a multidisciplinary project by A.A. Murakami comprises 250 unique NFTs, each depicting one of three animated scenes: a single microbial bubble that may split in two; clusters of self-organizing bubbles; and a single bubble situated on the horizon.

Exploring the kinetic possibilities of semi-abstracted bubbles belies the project’s technical complexity and its wide range of generative effects. Opacities and diffusions of color vary among the NFTs, as do the shapes and positions of the bubbles. Clear bubbles depicted against gradation backgrounds feature refractions of light and color. Some of the NFTs are stereoscopic, and in very rare instances this trait will allow viewers to have a three-dimensional experience, immersing them in a world of buoyant, ethereal bubbles.

library: threejs

license: TBD


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