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Three Minute Meditations
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10% of proceeds will be given to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University.

Three Minute Meditations is a set of audio/visual generative-art NFTs designed to provide the listener with a short, meditative experience. Each 3MM starts with a unique fundamental frequency and composes harmonics on top of it. One of these harmonics is a binaural beat that ends in the Delta or Theta region (associated with mediation, deep and REM sleep). The others take shape as a combination of constant and arpeggiated tones to form an entrancing soundscape that moves through temporary dissonance into climactic harmony. The associated visuals are representative of the sound, and follow a journey that mirrors the sonic meditation.

The focus of this piece is the audio, which must be enjoyed with headphones in order to properly realize its effects. Listeners can watch the visuals as well, or close their eyes and sink fully into the auditory experience.

artist display notes
In order to fully experience the audio, Three Minute Meditations should be enjoyed with headphones in a quiet, comfortable setting.

library: p5js

license: NFT License 2.0


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